How To: Achieve a gold trophy on the B-5 License Test (cornering) in Gran Turismo 5

Achieve a gold trophy on the B-5 License Test (cornering) in Gran Turismo 5

The fifth (B-5) of the National B License Tests in Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3 is all about basic cornering. This video will show you how to get the gold trophy! If you haven't unlocked these tests yet, all you need to do is purchase your first car.

B-5: Basic Cornering Theory

This test is extremely hard!

Brake a lot later into the corner than the driving guide tells you to and brake hard. The key is to brake properly while picking the right line through the corner - if you apex too soon you'll run wide on exit and into the dirt or have to lift.

The apex of the corner (in layman's terms) is the ideal point of the corner where you want your inside tires the closest to the curb. You can also think of it as the point where the entrance of the corner transitions to the exit.

Once you get on the power after the apex you want to keep it on the floor until you cross the line.

Even with all the examples in the world, it'll probably take you much longer to complete this test than any of the other B tests.

Note * Played with a regular six-axis PS3 controller.

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how did you get your car to go faster than 100 mine barely does

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