How To: Take Apart Your PS3 to Clean the Lens

Take Apart Your PS3 to Clean the Lens

This video shows how to take apart a Play Station 3 (PS3) in order to clean the disc reading lens. First locate the sticker that says "void if removed" and remove the plastic cover from this point with a screw driver. Once this cover is removed there is a second cover which is removed by unscrewing the nine screws which hold it into place and rotating the cover towards the front of the device. Disconnect the disc housing on the right by pulling out the smaller cable then remove the five screws on the housing and pull out the white plastic disc. Next remove the five smaller screws and pull off the black cover setting it to the side. Use a high glass cleaner applied by a Q-Tip in order to clean the lens and use a dry Q-Tip in order to rub off the excess. Now reassemble the device.

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