How To: Move Media Files to Your Playstation 3

Move Media Files to Your Playstation 3

If your not sure how to steam your media files to your Playstation3 this video will explain three different ways to achieve just this. Your options will include using a thumb drive, a personal web server or get the appropriate software.

In this video, I answer a question from Todd in Arkansas: "Aloha: My name is Todd from Arkansas. Anyway I like your web site, I found it thru you tube! Very cool. I have a PS3 connected on the internet (wired). I have no idea how to get music, pics, or I guess stream from my pc to PS3? Do u have any videos on this? I also see on my PS3 Driectvpc or something like that. What is that?" First off, that DirectvPC on your PS3 is your DirecTV but you can't do anything with the media since DirecTV has DRM which prevents that. To answer your main question, I suggest 1 of 3 ways to get media to your PS3. #1 - Get a USB drive and copy data to it. Plug the USB drive in your PS3 and it'll appear as a source. You can then just copy and move files. #2 - Build a custom web server on your computer. You can then access this server via your PS3 web browser to save files. There are several options for setting up a web server such as Apache and IIS (PWS). This is a more advanced solution but it is very flexible. For videos, make sure you use software such as Redkawa's PS3 Video 9 to convert to a format that you know the PS3 will play. #3 - Buy software such as Nullriver's MediaLink if you have a Mac. It ties into iTunes, iPhoto and offers HD video streaming. You can also install software such as PlayOn where you can stream Netflix video and watch videos from As you can see, there are a ton of options, so I recommend using the one you feel works best for you. Hope this helps Todd!

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