How To: Achieve a gold trophy on the B-8 License Test (S-bends) in Gran Turismo 5

Achieve a gold trophy on the B-8 License Test (S-bends) in Gran Turismo 5

This may be the simplest of all the National B License Tests in Gran Turismo 5. It's the eight one (B-8), where you simply find the line through an S-bend. If you haven't already done so, break out your PlayStation 3 and unlock these tests by purchasing your very first car.

B-8: Finding a Line Through an S Bend

There's not much to say about this one - it's pretty straight forward. You can pretty much use the driving guide in this one for your braking points.

Make small adjustments in the middle of the corner - if you're sliding toward the outside of the corner, ease off the gas and tap the brakes to re-plant the car and immediately get back on the throttle.

Make small adjustments with the steering as well. This car is quite stable through the corner so make sure you use up as much track as possible in order to retain your momentum/speed.

Note * Played with a regular six-axis PS3 controller.

Click here to view all of the remaining B License Tests on GT5.

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