How To: Change a PS3 hard drive

Change a PS3 hard drive

In this video you will learn how to change out the hard drive to get even more storage capacity from your Sony Playstation 3. The PS3 takes any 2.5 serial ATA hard drive, which is your basic laptop computer hard drive. To switch this out begin by looking at the base of your PS3, here you will see a cover with the label "detach this cover to remove hard drive". Remove this cover with a flat head screwdriver to reveal the hard drive. You will see 3 screws on the hard drive, use a Philips head screwdriver to unscrew only the blue screw in the middle. Next flip the silver lever and pull your hard drive to the front of your system and pull out. To install your new hard drive first remove the screws from the mounting bracket on the old hard drive, slide the hard drive out and replace it with your new hard drive then replace the screws in the mounting bracket. Once the new hard drive is secure in the mounting bracket, replace the new hard drive using the same steps in reverse as you used in the removal of your stock hard drive. Now when you start your new PS3 your system will walk you through the steps to format your hard drive and enjoy the extra storage!

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