How To: Connect on the internet using a PS3

Connect on the internet using a PS3

Learn how to connect to the internet using your PS3 using an Ethernet cable. What you will need: 1. An internet modem or hub. 2. The details required to connect to the internet (password etc.). 3. A PS3 and an actual internet connection e. g. BT or AOL. Once you have those just follow these steps: 1. Take your Ethernet cable and plug it into the back of the PS3 into the socket labeled Ethernet. 2. Plug the other end into your internet modem. 3. Turn on your ps3 and go to "network settings" under "settings". 4. Go to "internet settings" and click on "automatic" and it should automatically configure itself. 5. When it has finished configuring click on "test connection". If it does not configure automatically, you will need to find out the internet settings from your internet service provider, e. g. AOL or BT. You can now use the internet on your ps3 !

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