How To: Do the MW2 unlimited care package glitch (post patch)

Do the MW2 unlimited care package glitch (post patch)

In this video by Modern Warfare glitch professionals Map Monkeys, learn how to complete the unlimited care package glitch, after patch, in Playstation game Modern Warefare 2. To do this glitch, the first sep is to get a care package, sentry gun, or emergency air drop. Then, find something to climb over, by pressing A (X on PS3). Hold the care package, climv over, and as you're climbing, press right on the D-Pad twice quickly. If done correctly you will still be holding your care package once you have stopped climbing over. After, throw it the care package and begin using it, and after this, you should have another waiting for you.

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does this work with the ps3 too the same way?

But what do you mean climb over something? For example on rust climb up the oil mill thing? O.o

what do u mean by the D Pad?

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