How To: Find all 10 of the Godly Possessions in God of War 3 for the PlayStation 3

Find all 10 of the Godly Possessions in God of War 3 for the PlayStation 3

If you're a God of Mount Olympis, you may want to leave town, because Kratos is still angry in God of War 3 for the PS3. Killing Gods and defiling women are just a couple of his his hobbies. The other is treasure hunting. And in this IGN Strategize video, you'll find the locations of all ten Godly Possessions in God of War III. The Godly Possessions are more than just conversation pieces. Each has a special power you'll be able to use after beating the game once. You'll also get a gold trophy once you collect them all.

Here are all 10:

* Zeus' Eagle - Infinite Rage of Sparta
* Hades' Helm - Max out Health, Magic and Item Meters
* Helios' Shield - Increase the Hits Counter by 3 times
* Hermes' Coin - Collect 10 time the amount of Red Orbs
* Hercules' Shoulder Guard - Increase damage taken by a third
* Poseidon's Conch Shell - Infinite Magic
* Aphrodite's Garter - Continue to use Athena's Blades (the main weapon from the game's intro / while active, switch to another weapon to Combat Grapple)
* Hephaestus' Ring - Automatically win all Context Sensitive Attacks ("Quick Time Events")
* Daedalus' Schematics - Infinite item use
* Hera's Chalice - Causes the Health Meter to slowly drain over time, never completely emptying it

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