How To: Find the Heart of Liberty City in GTA IV

Find the Heart of Liberty City in GTA IV

WonderHowTo is game on. Note for the devoted gamers with a code of ethics: spoiler alert. This cheat exemplifies the argument that video games are modern social commentary. Just when you thought this game was only about shooting hookers and scoring drugs. This odd Easter Egg gets to the heart of Liberty City, literally.

It takes about 40 hours to race through Liberty City. So expect the most imaginative cheats to come during the next couple days. Millions of thumbs have been waiting breathlessly since the announced 'October 16th, 2007' release of Grand Theft Auto IV. since Midnight Wednesday, the youth of America has been preoccupied; searching for Easter eggs, cheats, hookers...or at the very least a gratuitous bludgeoning.

Pppshaw. And you think this is just a game. More is at stake than Niko and Roman. Rockstar Games, the parent company, is defending itself in real life from a hostile takeover bid by the cash rich, but creatively challenged bimbos at Electronics Arts.

Oh, yeah. Don't attempt to adjust your monitor. The relentless Serbian has cast an odious spell over the curators at WonderHowTo. As of midnight, our interns are wild eyed, buck naked, and sleepless. Their only food is Ramen. Thus, the siege continues.

Oh, the humanity.

Find the Heart of Liberty City easter egg in GTA IV

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Every where I turn, I see GTA IV! It's working on me! I need this game!

hmmm ps3 or 360

one of the greatest questions of the year!

where's the wii version

i need to buy my girlfriend mario kart wii first
damn girls.... they don't really like the hooker shooting

i wanna download this video

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