How To: Make a catapult in Little Big Planet

Make a catapult in Little Big Planet

This video is by chilled chaos demonstrates how to make a moving catapult in LittleBigPlanet. In materials first use the cardboard to draw and two legs at the bottom. Detach it from the ground. Take the rubber tool from the tool box and make two wheels. Take bolts and attach to wheels. Make the switches on it and set the right and left direction. Do the setting for the wheels. Make a basket and attach it with the previous structure that it can move up and down. Set the timings to set the speed and rest time. Create the bubble switch and attach to the basket. Check the speed and adjust to get the right effects. It is also demonstrating to make a printer. Draw a printer. Take the mirror tool from the tool box and put it on the printer. From the tools for emitting select score bubbles which will come out for printing the score. Adjust the size, color, time. Save the changes and go to play mode and play the game and emit bubbles and score points to win.

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