How To: Put PS3 controller on a PC

Put PS3 controller on a PC

Initially, you are directed to the control panel where you will navigate to your existing connected devices. You are then directed to the appropriate software to install the PS3 controller to your computer. Daddyezee then shows how once the appropriate driver is installed, you will see the program in your start menu program groups. If that does not work, or the controller freezes, you are presented with another program to facilitate the original install. You are then presented with an illustration of the calibration settings for the newly installed controller, and exactly how to determine that the controller is installed via indications on the calibrator. Though the majority of the information is based on a Windows Seven install, Daddyezee also demonstrates what not to do; for example installing certain drivers and programs that are not required and may actually cause your machine harm.

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wer can i download the link.. the driver that i downloaded.. i think its corrupted or old version? it doesnt. have any readme..

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