How To: Setup your PS3 Media Server

Setup your PS3 Media Server

How to set up your Playstation 3's (PS3) media server.

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Awesome Video. Thanks for the information.

Hey SAND-MAN i know u said that it wont work for Vista, but ahs anyone figured it out yet??? Its just been awhile.

Hit me back at

listen dude it runs even easier on windows 7 , you can stream videos from your pc to ps3 an watch em on tv its cooler get windows 7

hey can u help me.i was playing resistance 1 on line when it turn off..when i try 2turn it back on the light when light green then it turns off

nice man thanks for the help

it works with my computer with vista and i can watch my videos

how the the ps3 and computer/laptop connect, bluetooth, patch cord or internet,.
i have patch cord please help with setting or i have bluetooth enabled windows xp laptop

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