How To: Take apart your PS3 gaming console

Take apart your PS3 gaming console

To take apart a PS3, you will need the following tools: Phillips-head screwdriverPliersTiny Phillips-head screwdriversTiny flat-head screwdrivers On the bottom, there is a sticker that says "if you remove this sticker, you will void the warranty". Take the sticker off.Underneath the sticker there will be a piece of rubber. Pull it out with pliers.Under the piece of rubber is a TORX security screw. Unscrew it with a TORX screwdriver or a small flat head screwdriver and a lot of force. During the entire process, you will be removing about 65 screws. All of them will come out, so if some are harder to remove than others, do not be discouraged. Remove the upper faceplate.Remove the top half of the plastic shell. Flip it upside down to remove the memory card slots.Remove the Bluetooth board. Then you can remove the small board in front of the BluRay player that controls the power/eject functions.Remove the BluRay player and flip it over to remove the circuit board underneath. Make sure all the screws are removed first.Carefully pull off the shell from the BluRay player. Then remove the plastic casing inside. Pull out the laser. Just make sure everything is unplugged first.Remove the power supply by unplugging it from both sides first.Remove the power switch by unplugging the back shell first.Now remove the two parts in the center of the faceplate that look like tiny propellers. Then remove the faceplate.Pull out the motherboard and the fan. This leaves you with the part containing the hard drive.Unplug and remove the fan from its casing.Unscrew the colored screw holding the hard drive and pull it out by the thing that looks like a paperclip.

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