How To: Use Call of Duty 4 cracked servers

Use Call of Duty 4 cracked servers

How to Use COD4 Cracked Servers.
YourPCSolutions demonstrates how to connect to cracked servers in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.Of course, you will need COD4 Multiplayer and a Serial Key, and it doesn't have to be legitimate. Go to ePCgaming and click "Call of Duty 4" in the left. You will see lots of servers.To make it easier to choose a server, filter it by clicking on the "Online only tab". Sort through the servers by clicking the top headings.Once you found server you like, copy the IP address. Open COD4 and press above your tab key on the left side of your keyboard (~ or `). Now type this: connect {ip address goes here} (Click Ctrl+V to paste ip address) and press enter. That's all, now play!

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