How To: Walkthrough Resident Evil 5, Chapter 2-3 Savanna

Walkthrough Resident Evil 5, Chapter 2-3 Savanna

Check out this 2 part walkthrough of RE 5 Chapter 2-3 Savanna.

This Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough is being played on Veterans Difficulty in Co-Op mode with Chris Redfield being played by Reule and Sheva Alomar being played by RavenVanHelsing.

Resident Evil 5 (RE 5) is the sequel to 2005's Resident Evil 4. This game guide shows you BSAA emblem locations, treasures, and includes strategies for all 6 missions and boss fights.

In this action-shooter, you control members of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) in Africa. There will be multiplayer modes to go along with the single-player as well as XBOX Live! walkthroughs.

Resident Evil 5, known in Japan as Biohazard 5, is the seventh installment in the Resident Evil survival horror computer game series for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Walkthrough Resident Evil 5, Chapter 2-3 Savanna, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Walkthrough Resident Evil 5, Chapter 2-3 Savanna

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bro , i cant see anything. just dark

i need it, just explain to me how to left it after the bridge near the river....

can someone help after the barricade... there has one truck that trying to push mo yo the river.... i cant destroy that truck... #$%@ already 3 days i cant finish it

can't beat the same truck , i have no idea if there is a glitch or how to deal with that specific truck , second day trying

we have been trying to get past the sodding truck you literally have 20 seconds to get past and you have a $%^ gun that overheats. i am going potty

just to stop someone losing their marbles trying to get past this problem with this level, the best way to do it is have the cross hair for aiming at round about the height for shooting the baddies off the back of the lorry and then try to shoot the driver cab up. the best way to do this is by pressing the lt and rt buttons in and out very quickly the gun is a lot more effective this way. Don't just keep them pressed in continuously. you will blow this sucker up i guarrantee it!

same here!!
cant get past the same truck!!
help me up here plz

that truck is a pain...... i cant get pass it..... it keeps pushin me in the river...,.,.

pls help me.......I can not pass the beast
is there any code to pass this chapter ??

about Falling on the river you have to shoot on the front of the truck to blowing it up

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