How To: Instant streaming Netflix on PS3 with a Netflix disc

Instant streaming Netflix on PS3 with a Netflix disc

There is now a way to watch and stream Netflix movies to your PlayStation 3 (PS3). Netflix will give you a free disk to do this and you are able to choose from thousands of titles to watch instantly as long as you maintain a minimum $8.99/month Netflix membership. Once you receive your disk, insert it into the PS3 and enter your provided code to integrate your particular PS3 with your online account. This brings up your instant watch queue and allows you to browse the Netflix inventory of new releases.

Once you have found a title to watch, press "x" on your PS3 remote to select it. The title screen will then come up and it will allow you to watch the movie, rate it, or add it to your queue to watch later.

The triangle button allows you to access play, stop, fast forward, rewind, next, previous, and etc. If you select fast forward, you will see thumbnail images so that you will know when to resume watching. According to the video's author, the video quality of Netflix on PS3 is pretty good and selecting and watching movies is a quick and convenient process. Viewing Netflix in this manner is similar to viewing with the Roku device, but without the $99 price tag that comes along with that device that connects to your TV.

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